Finance App O₂ Money: comdirect uses finleap connect Microservices

Berlin, November 6th, 2020 - comdirect and the telecommunications service provider Telefonica O₂ jointly launched the financial app O₂ Money on October 29th, 2020. As a financial assistant, the app is available free of charge to all users - including non-customers of O₂. finleap connect, technology and software provider in Europe's leading Fintech ecosystem finleap, provides a range of services for this offering, such as the function for linking third-party bank accounts, revenue categorization and contract recognition.

The functions enable users to keep track of their finances, i.e. all income and expenses, contracts and/or their available monthly budget. They can do so at any time, simply and securely on their smartphone. Frank Kebsch, CEO finleap connect, says, "We are very pleased that our services will enable us to create added value for customers in this forward-looking project of O₂ and comdirect. The desire for integrated financial solutions that provide customers with an intuitive offer in their own context is becoming increasingly important".

Christian Wendrock-Prechtl, Head of User Interface at comdirect, says, "With O₂ Money we have created an app with an outstanding user journey. The added value for the user was always in focus. As a digital companion, the app should ensure that the user enjoys having an overview of his or her finances. The app also offers a bonus program, as well as the free mobile banking services of O₂ Banking. The input of the linking of the accounts is completely intuitive and takes place in the familiar O₂Design”. 

About comdirect

comdirect was founded in 1994 as a subsidiary of Commerzbank and has been managed as a brand of Commerzbank AG since the merger with the parent company in November 2020. comdirect offers its customers innovative and intelligent products and services that enable them to carry out their banking transactions easily and conveniently from anywhere and at any time: comdirect is the bank in the cell phone. All information is available at

About finleap connect

finleap connect is a technology and software provider covering the full range of fintech solutions. The products and services include existing SaaS and PaaS innovations such as “RegShield”, “Switch Kit”, “Open Banking APIs” and “SME Banking” as well as new end-to-end financial products. In addition, finleap connect provides access to White Label solutions and seamless integration of finleap infrastructure platforms such as Solarisbank, ELEMENT and Elinvar.  

finleap connect is a regulated payment institution under the Payment Services Supervision Act (Zahlungsdiensteaufsichtsgesetz – ZAG) with offices in Berlin, Frankfurt and Hamburg and international market teams in Milan, Madrid and Paris. As a business unit of finleap, finleap connect is part of the leading European fintech ecosystem, a group with 1,300 employees from more than 80 countries.

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