finleap invests in deineStudienfinanzierung - the digital financial platform for young academics

  • The company joins finleap ecosystem through the investment
  • The platform aggregates the most important financing products for the duration of studies
  • The Coronavirus pandemic increased the need for financing of studies

Berlin, 20 November, 2020 - finleap, Europe's leading Fintech ecosystem, welcomes a new addition to its portfolio: The company "deineStudienfinanzierung" becomes part of the finleap family through investment. Launched in 2018, the platform has a clear mission: to enable all students to study without financial worries. To this end, the platform aggregates the largest financing products - from long-term to daily needs - for studies. Behind the company is a team around the 24 year old founder and CEO Bastian Krautwald, who founded deineStudienfinanzierung during his studies. 

Dr. Florian Resatsch, Chief Build Officer of finleap says: "We are very pleased to welcome deineStudienfinanzierung to the finleap ecosystem. An exciting company that has convinced us with its unique product and target group. Going to university is often the first moment when young adults become more involved with finance. This is where the course is set for the future handling of financial products". The current youngest generation, also known as Generation Z, is already one of the largest consumer groups. "Those who understand how it ticks will be a decisive game-changer in the financial industry. deineStudienfinanzierung knows exactly how to address this group and what it needs. After their studies are finished, the customer will not disappear, but will need further offers. Such a financial platform can build on this in the future," Resatsch continues. 

On the platform, young university students can determine their individual entitlement to options such as education funds, student loans, BAföG, scholarships or jobs in real time. They can then create the necessary application documents completely automatically and have the necessary certificates checked. Thanks to the intelligent process, the student's financial needs can be covered digitally and easily in just a few minutes. 

The Coronavirus pandemic increased the need for financing of studies

According to the CampusBarometer* survey conducted by the German Education Authority, almost 80 percent of students in Germany need one of these forms of financing each year in order to complete their studies. The demand for the highest level of education has become increasingly important in recent years. While 15 years ago there were 1.96 million new students, according to Statista 2.89 million already started in the winter semester of 2019/2020. "There is enormous pressure on students at various points, such as performance pressure, time pressure and, as a result, high financial pressure," says Bastian Krautwald, Founder and CEO of deineStudienfinanzierung. The current Coronavirus pandemic has exacerbated the situation. In addition to switching to digital curricula, many young students have lost their part-time jobs due to the pandemic. "These are jobs that students have used to finance parts of their lives. Through our offers, everyone gets the opportunity to concentrate fully on their studies. We take away the insecurity of young people and support them in achieving the best possible performance. A contribution to a good education also strengthens the future of the economy in the long run," explains Krautwald. 

The entry into finleap's portfolio is a further step for the young company to be a reliable partner for Generation Z. finleap's large network and many years of experience in building and scaling companies will help the company to grow and fulfill its mission nationally and internationally. 

Dr. Florian Resatsch, CBO finleap / Bastian Krautwald, Founder & CEO deineStudienfinanzierung

Source: *CampusBaromter 2015: conducted by “Deutsche Bildung”. More than 6,000 students from all disciplines were surveyed.

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About deineStudienfinanzierung

deineStudienfinanzierung is the leading digital platform that supports students in financing their studies from the time they apply for a scholarship until the last euro is repaid. The company was founded by Alexander Barge, David Meyer and Bastian Krautwald. It aggregates the largest financing products for studying in Germany on the platform. The entitlement amounts are calculated in real time, the required application documents are generated automatically and the management of the certificates is taken care of.

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