FinLeap Launches BillFront to Give App Developers Faster Access to Their Money

San Francisco/Berlin, Feb 03, 2015 - The International FinTech company builder Finleap today announces the launch of BillFront Inc, a company that accelerates growth for app developers and publishers by providing faster and easier access to their revenues. Advertising networks and app stores have payment terms that mean app developers can wait up to 70 days until they can get their hands on their revenues.

BillFront offers faster access to cash for developers by paying out the revenues they generate via advertising networks and app stores on a weekly basis. Whether developers are making money through paid apps, in game purchases or advertising, BillFront reduces their cash flow headaches and enables their business. The use of apps and the number of app developers around the world is growing rapidly. Gartner estimates that apps will generate over $50 billion in revenue during 2015, up from around $36 billion in 2014. In this growing market, the focus of app developers is turning increasingly towards advertising and driving app discovery. This requires access to cash.

Nasir Zubairi has co-founded the company together with FinLeap. Nasir is veteran in FinTech and was named one of "40 Innovators Shaping the Future of Financial Services" by the Financial News/Wall Street Journal in 2014. 

“App developers need to be smart about their money to ensure they can compete and scale effectively. BillFront provides faster access to revenues that can be re-invested in business growth at a lower cost than other sources of debt or equity capital. Using BillFront is the intelligent way to manage cash flow and to fuel an app developer’s business. We want to enable the app economy.„ Nasir Zubairi, Co-Founder BillFront and Venture Partner at FinLeap

BillFront is the second FinTech company launched by FinLeap since the company builder’s launch in December. Four other exciting companies are in various stages of development. Hanno Fichtner, Partner of FinLeap and Co-Founder of Hitfox Group says, “There is a tremendous opportunity for FinLeap to drive change in Financial Services. BillFront is a great example of how we can re-think and digitise financial services to benefit businesses.” If you’re interested in learning more about BillFront, drop them a line at: or meet them at the Casual Connect Conference in Amsterdam on February 4th.

About Nasir Zubairi

Nasir Zubairi has more than 15 years of experience in Financial Services and was named one of the 40 Innovators Shaping the Future of Financial Services by Financial News and Wall Street Journal in 2014. He was previously Marketing Director at The Currency Cloud and founder & CEO of P2P lending portal, EuroTRX. Nasir has previously worked at RBS as Director for High Frequency Trading & E-Commerce, as well as in various senior roles at ICAP and EBS Dealing Resources. He is a Sloan Fellow from the London Business School and an honorary research fellow at University College London. Nasir also acts as a board advisor to a number of businesses and is a business mentor.

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Nasir Zubairi
Founder BillFront and Venture Partner at FinLeap