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FinLeap goes to Italy: Benvenuto, FinLeap Milan!

- FinLeap, the leading FinTech ecosystem in Europe, is accelerating its international efforts by opening an office in Milan

- FinLeap Milan will act as tech hub and catalyst for financial innovation

- Marco Berini, former top executive at Unicredit, will lead FinLeap Milan as Managing Director and Director of Internationalization

Berlin/Milan, October 10th, 2017

The Berlin-based Fintech Company Builder FinLeap is opening a new office: FinLeap Milan.

The new office will accelerate the internationalization of the company and open up FinLeap’s well-established fintech ecosystem for international partners and institutions. FinLeap is already a truly international company, with 35 different nationalities among its 500 employees. So far, FinLeap has launched 13 Fintech companies, which are active in eleven European countries. In Italy, for example, the FinLeap venture financeAds International, a premium affiliate network,  has major partnerships with banks, insurers and Fintechs.

FinLeap Milan has two main objectives, the first of which is to establish a technical hub to increase FinLeap’s development of digital solutions. The team’s focus will be  software development, data science, AI and design. Milan is a great spot to establish such a hub because of its lively and highly skilled tech scene.

Furthermore, FinLeap Milan will actively bring fintech innovations to the Italian market, by introducing the services of selected FinLeap ventures. FinLeap’s portfolio includes a wide range of financial tech companies, serving the needs of banks, insurers and SMEs. This includes fro example solarisBank, a tech platform with its own banking licence, FinReach, an SAAS provider with a digital bank account switching service, as well as an online insurance broker and digital debt collection. The office is located in Milan’s recently opened Fintech District in Via Sassetti, right at the intersection of tech and banking.

Marco Berini, Director of Internationalization and Managing Director of FinLeap Milan, has over  20 years of experience in banking innovation and a strong entrepreneurial mindset. Prior to joining FinLeap, Marco was Head of Group Innovation at Unicredit and Managing Director of Unicredit EVO. He is also among Italy’s Top Fintech influencers.

Marco Berini, Director Internalization FinLeap: “In Italy, there is a strong and established financial scene with over 700 banks, but digital  transformation is missing. The Italian fintech sector is still small, with no market leader. FinLeap Milan will not only regroup tech talents, but also be the first thought for banks, insurance companies and SMEs in need of digital innovations.”

Ramin Niroumand, CEO FinLeap: “We are delighted that Marco Berini as Director of Internalization will accelerate the already strong growth of FinLeap at an international level. With experience as a driver of innovation as well as Director of the biggest Italian VC funds, he combines the best competencies from the start-up and the corporate sectors. FinLeap Milan will be the permanent bridge for FinLeap into southern Europe. “  

About FinLeap

FinLeap was founded in Berlin in the summer of 2014 by HitFox Group and Ramin Niroumand as a company builder specialized in Fintechs. FinLeap serially develops Fintech companies, supporting them with strong infrastructure and guiding their growth. Each venture is raised on a solid FinLeap foundation that provides not only seed funding from €0.5 million up to €5 million but also a strong network of investors, an integrated development platform and advice on best practice processes. In addition, the company builder provides contact to experienced businesses, clients and top talents in the industry. FinLeap’s team is made up of over 500 employees from more than 35 countries. The company’s headquarter is located in Berlin.

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