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FinLeap establishes Fintech platforms for expansive financial cooperation

  • Together with partners, innovative, digital all-finance companies are being built in relevant markets
  • Establishment of the platforms Finreach Solutions (B2B2C) and Infinitec Solutions (B2B2B)
  • Beesy and Deutsche Fintech Solutions are already based on platform technology

Berlin, 27. July 2018. FinLeap establishes the B2B2X platforms Finreach Solutions and Infinitec Solutions for contextual finance. The new platform systems enable FinLeap's cooperation partners to combine bundled solutions and all-in-one solutions with Fintechs, financial products and value-added services in a modular building set to form a digital financial company.

By establishing the platforms of FinReach Solutions and Infinitec Solutions, FinLeap is positioning itself even more clearly as a technology provider. "FinLeap has been focusing on B2B and B2B2X approaches for some time. We see a future in which customers – whether private or business – expect holistic, contextual management for their financial management. The contexts are the life situation, the specifics of an industry, the regional context or even that of a business transaction," explains Ramin Niroumand, founder and CEO of FinLeap.

Digital transformation and strong competition are increasing the pressure

Background: In the "first" Fintech wave from 2014, financial needs were identified, products derived from them, companies founded and successfully placed on the market. These solutions responded to exactly one challenge. There was talk of "unbundling banking". In the meantime, however, the pressure to digitalize has increased to such an extent that banks, insurance companies and companies from other sectors who want to enter the financial market are desperately looking for bundled or all-in-one solutions. On the one hand, digital business areas are opening up, particularly for new competitors. On the other hand, companies are forced to digitalize their services and internal processes within a very short time. Due to a lack of technical resources and specialists who can translate an idea from a PowerPoint presentation into reality, FinLeap, which has both, is often requested by companies as a partner.  

Establishment of new, digital all-finance companies in relevant markets with partners

"Together with the respective category leaders, we are bundling suitable, harmonized financial products and Fintech offers to create innovative all-financial solutions. For new companies we have numerous opportunities that can be put together with a strong team. FinLeap's company building team, the existing technology solutions of the companies in our portfolio, and our two platforms enable us to achieve high process speed even for very complex companies," says Niroumand.

Since its launch in 2014, FinReach has developed into a leading Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider for over 500 banks in Germany, Austria and Spain. FinReach is the market leader, particularly with its account switching service at Deutsche Bank, DKB, UniCredit, BNP Paribas and numerous savings banks, demonstrating that it can digitalize and operate business and IT processes vertically – from white label front end to regulatory cloud hosting. Based on these products and services as well as the products of its sister company MoneyMap, which merges into FinReach, the company will in future focus on private customer processes (B2B2C) as Finreach Solutions. The second platform, Infinitec Solutions, focuses on business customer processes (B2B2B).

New management team with platform alignment at Finreach Solutions

With its new modular platform orientation, FinLeap is deploying a new management team at Finreach Solutions. Markus Dränert will take over as CEO as of September. Dränert comes from Haufe-Lexware, was with Deutsche Telekom and will be responsible for the development of the Finreach Solutions platform. Taner Akcok, who has successfully built platforms at Microsoft and Webtrekk, joined the B2B2C platform in May and is driving its development as Managing Director and CPO.


Infinitec Solutions will continue to be managed by Helmut Kranzmaier. In addition, Vilash Poovala is on board as CPO since the beginning of May, having already worked for PayU, Paypal and Visa. "We are very pleased that Finreach Solutions and Infinitec Solutions have been able to attract colleagues with a lot of management and start-up expertise. Taner and Vilash have both established companies in Silicon Valley and Markus Dränert's excellent experience in ecosystem development will also help Finreach Solutions make strong progress. I am personally very proud that we, as a young company, attract such great and experienced professionals".

Beesy and Deutsche Fintech Solutions are based on platform technology

FinLeap has already gained two partners with whom the platform technologies are used to launch companies: Beesy, a digital financial management solution for sole proprietors and self-employed persons in Italy, has been launched with Infinitec Solutions and Deutsche Fintech Solutions, a joint venture with DVAG. Deutsche Fintech Solutions is developing a digital tool that supports the DVAG asset consultants in all time-consuming analyses and in long-term customer support – depending on the client's life situation.

About FinLeap

FinLeap GmbH is a fintech company builder headquartered in Berlin with a further office in Milan. FinLeap was founded in 2014 by HitFox Group and Ramin Niroumand and has already developed and launched 14 ventures based on its proprietary infrastructure. These include companies such as solarisBank, the first fully-licensed banking platform; ELEMENT, a fully digital insurance company; PAIR Finance, a provider of data-based debt collection solutions; as well as FinReach Solutions and Infinitec Solutions, two B2B2X platforms for contextual banking. FinLeap provides access to seed funding, a network of investors and experienced entrepreneurs, as well as clients and top talent. FinLeap and its ventures employ over 600 employees from over 50 countries.

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