"Gesund-Zusammen": Tech coalition formed to combat Covid-19

- Leading tech companies in Europe have joined forces to launch an initiative called "Gesund Zusammen" (Healthy Together) to combat the pandemic

- The aim is to support digital solutions that help to better protect risk groups and reduce the burden on the health system

- Data protection is the highest priority in order to protect freedom and personal rights even in times of crisis  

Berlin, 1 April 2020

Some of Europe’s leading tech companies and data privacy experts have joined forces to launch a non-profit initiative called “Healthy Together” (Gesund-Zusammen) to combat the spread of COVID-19, which has turned into a global pandemic. This broad alliance of tech and industry experts believe the most effective weapon against the fight against the virus is by harnessing the power of data to successfully break the chain of infection and flatten the curve.

The data gathered is intended to protect risk groups and relieve the burden on the health system - while ensuring that data protection and privacy remain at the forefront of all technological solutions. It’s about tracking the virus, not humans. The initiative is supported by data privacy experts such as Deloitte Legal, Bird & Bird, Datenschutzexperte.de  SKW Schwarz, Usercentrics, MyData and ReedSmith LLP.


The founding partners are via, a company of Global Citizen Foundation, finleap, Europe's leading Fintech ecosystem and insurtech unicorn, wefox Group. 

Other partners include the Bundesverband Deutsche Startups e.V., data4life, an initiative of the Hasso Plattner Foundation, the online bank N26, the travel platforms Omio and GetYourGuide, the delivery platform Delivery Hero, the company builder BCG Digital Ventures, the HR tool Personio, the digital logistics service FreightHub, the mobility provider TIER and many others. 

The initiative will focus on supporting technology and providing information. Members can also provide resources for the development of other digital tools that are already under construction, thus helping to advance technical developments to contain the virus. Current projects will be shared on the website with access to resources such as development teams and platforms.

Sascha Gartenbach, Founder & CEO via: "We co-founded this initiative because in such exceptional times as now, everyone should make a contribution to counteract the pandemic. We believe that digital approaches play an important role in optimizing overall health care and breaking the chain of infection".

Julian Teicke, Founder & CEO wefox Group: "The most important basis is data protection - because even in times of crisis, people's freedom and personal rights have top priority. We make sure that despite a broad data basis, everything follows the principles of data protection.”

Ramin Niroumand, Founder & CEO finleap: "It is incredible to see how much broad support the initiative has already received at this point, from the industry itself, as well as from associations. We are working together, as a digital ecosystem, with full force to launch the first digital solution shortly". 

About “Gesund-Zusammen”

Gesund Zusammen is a non-profit initiative that brings together the largest companies of the digital industry as an open ecosystem to support digital solutions to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. Data protection is a top priority. The initiators include via (a company of Global Citizen Foundation), wefox Group and finleap. Partners include N26, Bundesverband der deutschen Startups e.V., datenschutzexperte.de, GetYourGuide, Delivery Hero, Omio and many more.  

Contact for media requests: 

Solveig Rathenow

Head of Venture Communication finleap

Mail: media@gesund-zusammen.de

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