UBI Banca signs partnership with finleap connect: “prestifatto.it” is born, the digital platform for salary backed loans

Milan, July 1st, 2020 – UBI Banca, through its subsidiary Prestitalia, enters into a strategic collaboration with the technology and software provider of Europe’s leading fintech ecosystem to launch an innovative platform which will allow customers to have a fast, convenient and digital channel to obtain salary backed loans.

Prestitalia, UBI Banca Group's company specialised in the salary backed loans and payment delegation market, has entered into a partnership with finleap connect, finleap’s technology and software provider offering the full range of fintech solutions. The collaboration will make it possible to use "prestifatto.it", an innovative platform to obtain salary backed loans with a completely revised user experience.

As of today, public and state employees, as well as pensioners can apply for the online loan directly from desktop computers, tablets or smartphones, on prestifatto.it. With the online calculator, the user can choose the monthly installment and the duration of the loan and get a free quote in a few seconds and, if interested, immediately continue to apply for the loan online by entering some personal data and scanning a few documents. The operations started digitally can also be completed in a branch with the specialist advice of Prestitalia's agents.

"The launch of the digital platform prestifatto.it,” explains Natascia Noveri, UBI Banca Marketing Manager,” is a strategic step in the digital transformation path undertaken by UBI Banca Group, to offer concrete answers to customers' financial needs through a comfortable, simple and digital shopping experience. With prestifatto.it, we want to offer concrete support to Italian households also to face this phase of recovery, thanks to the possibility of obtaining a salary backed loan at advantageous and transparent conditions".  

"Thanks to the collaboration with finleap connect,” adds Cesare Colombi, General Manager of Prestitalia,“the digital channel joins the physical channel in a context in which omnichannelity represents a great opportunity to achieve multiple results: improvement of customer relations, cost reduction, acquisition of new customers, retention of existing customers and, last but not least, the loyalty of the sales network that will be responsible for concluding all contracts with customers who have searched online for the product best suited to them but who require a physical meeting."

“​In unprecedented circumstances,”  ​comments Marco Berini, General Manager of finleap connect Italy,“service companies had to reinvent themselves to be able to stay in the market.​ The digital world has been the protagonist of a great transformation, which perhaps we have not yet fully witnessed, and fortunately some companies have been able to react very quickly. In this context, the collaboration between UBI and finleap connect has created a simple, practical and very helpful solution for Italian families in record time. The most innovative aspect, in addition to the speed of execution, certainly lies in the fact that we have gone beyond the concept that a digital channel has a life of its own. In fact, Prestitalia's network of agents remains at the heart of customer relations, thus grasping the potential of each individual channel and leveraging on it to achieve the best customer service.​”

About Prestitalia

Prestitalia is an UBI Banca Group company, one of the main Italian banking groups, specialised in salary backed loans and payment delegation. It has been present on the Italian market for over 20 years and currently represents a market share of approximately 10%. Thanks to its widespread distribution structure and strong roots in the territory, the company is able to assist customers throughout Italy.

About finleap connect

finleap connect is a technology and software provider covering the full range of fintech solutions. The products and services include existing SaaS and PaaS innovations such as “RegShield”, “Switch Kit”, “Open Banking APIs” and “SME Banking” as well as new end-to-end financial products. In addition, finleap connect provides access to White Label solutions and seamless integration of finleap infrastructure platforms such as Solarisbank, ELEMENT and Elinvar.  

finleap connect is a regulated payment institution under the Payment Services Supervision Act (Zahlungsdiensteaufsichtsgesetz – ZAG) with offices in Berlin, Frankfurt and Hamburg and international market teams in Milan, Madrid and Paris. As a business unit of finleap, finleap connect is part of the leading European fintech ecosystem, a group with 1,300 employees from more than 80 countries.

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